About Us

Brain Sportz Trivia officially started in July 2012 as a spinoff of Brain Sportz. Throughout our tenure, we've become synonymous with providing an exciting, yet challenging 6 rounds of questions on a variety of topics for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Our trivia format is unique because it is interactive utilizing PowerPoint and involves multimedia (i.e. song clips, music video medley, movie clips, etc.). There are also picture clues for the questions, which will assist teams in coming up with the answers.
All we have to do is connect our trivia host's laptop to the televisions throughout the respective venue so everybody participating can see the questions.

Check out our Trivia Format page to learn more.

Brain Sportz Trivia has a company motto that we truly believe in; trivia shouldn't be just about the questions or the format or the host or the bar or any one thing, but should focus on
the totality of the experience. We want the people who come out to our trivia nights to not only test their knowledge, but have fun socializing, maybe make some new friends,
and most importantly, we want you to come back.

In fact, we invite you to visit our Contact Us page and give us a shout on your personal ‘microphone’ on what you like about the way we host trivia, but also give us suggestions
on what we can do to make your experience a more enjoyable one, be it asking different questions in a different way, recommendations for topics of different rounds, etc.
It is not about us. It is about you, the customer.

Trivia the Brain Sportz way is about having fun and keeping things fresh. Of course the topics vary from week-to-week, but if you don’t feel you have strong knowledge in a particular subject area, don’t worry as that is why you have a team. On the other hand, there will likely be rounds in which you excel, but your teammates might struggle with the questions. It all evens out at the end. In other words, some weeks you’re going to do great and others you may not fare so well, but that's life. You may not always win, but there is no reason you cannot have fun playing the game. After all, Brain Sportz Trivia is where minds come to play.

Brain Sportz Trivia not only is known for hosting trivia at bars across Chicagoland, but we also have had experience and success hosting corporate trivia outings for companies in the city. What better way to bring a company together for a group outing then trivia. For example,
it provides an outlet for employees to let loose to some degree in front of their colleagues who they might not otherwise see outside the office in a social setting…all while having fun together. Additionally, it also helps promote the core of any successful company in some way, teamwork.

Moreover, Brain Sportz Trivia also can be booked for charity events and private parties.

Please email us at info@brainsportz.com or call 773-661-9372 with any questions and
how we can host trivia at your local establishment or next corporate outing. We look forward to hearing from you.


***ALL trivia nights start promptly at 8PM unless otherwise noted.***


Chicago Athletic Association Game Room (2nd Floor) @ 6:30

12 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603

Trivia Specials:


The Pub Maple Park @ 7:30

221 Main Street
Maple Park, IL 60151

Trivia Specials: