Trivia Format

Brain Sportz Trivia has a format that we feel is fairly simple and makes it easy for all participants to enjoy, whether it is with a small team of two or up to a team of eight.
On a given trivia night, 6 rounds of questions are asked.

Below is a thorough breakdown of each of the rounds:

Round 1 - Always the picture round and clues are in full color. The topic changes every night and often times will be topical (i.e. name 12 Masters’ winners in April or 12 Christmas movies in December).

Round 2 - Always the general trivia round with 10 random questions. Keep in mind;
while the questions may seem random, there are always methods to the madness.

Each general trivia round will consist of a theme that connects the answers together.
For example, a first question might be the following; what is the name of the gum chewing girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The answer is Violet Beauregarde.

If the next question is in which 1960s film is Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D a character?
While the answer is Yellow Submarine, the theme could be that all answers have colors in them (Violet, Yellow, etc.).

Round 3 – Typically it is a multimedia round, and on most occasions, it will be an audio round where you have to identify certain songs and the bands/artists that sing them.
From time to time it might be a montage of movie clips or TV shows.

Round 4 - Is a themed round that changes each week with topics possibly ranging from as broad as geography to as narrow as presidential trivia the week of the election.

Round 5 – It is also a themed round that changes every week with the topic being chosen by a different team. In most cases, the highest scoring team that doesn’t win a prize wins the right to choose the fifth round topic. For example, it can be something as specific as 30 Rock trivia to as broad as 19th century world history or literature.

If a topic given is too specific, it has a chance of being vetoed, but for the most part teams are allowed to pick what they want. Some of the more unusual topics that teams have chosen include the history of Chicago radio, trivia about the band Bare Naked Ladies,
a whole round of trivia about the movie UHF, the music of Stephen Sondheim, etc.

Round 6 – Consists of the SPEED ROUND, which is different than all other rounds and is where the most points are gained. The topic and question changes every night with the entire round being one question with multiple answers (i.e. name as many Heisman Trophy Winners from the last 30 years, name as many Best Musical Tony Award Winners from 1980 up through present day, or name as many Dr. Seuss Books as you can).

Each correct answer earns each team a point (teams are always limited to a maximum of 30 answers). The team(s) that have no wrong answers earn a 5 point bonus. This enables you to accrue up to 35 points in one round.

The Double - The first 5 rounds are usually worth 12 points each and every team gets to DOUBLE one of those rounds. The double is exactly what it sounds like; it makes the round worth double points. It may only be used once on rounds worth 12 points. You must use the double before you hear the answers but after you have heard the questions. Teams that have not doubled a round before round 5 will automatically double the fifth round.

In a standard trivia night, the maximum score is 107 points and the winning score can range anywhere from the high 60’s (on a tough night) to the low 100’s (on an easy night).
In most cases, winning teams will have scores in the 75-90 range.


***ALL trivia nights start promptly at 8PM unless otherwise noted.***


Lucky's Sandwich Company Maxwell Street @ 7:00

717 West Maxwell Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Trivia Specials:

The CASH PRIZE For 1st Is Dependent On # Of Players; 1st Place Receives $100 CASH For 12-30 People, $200 CASH For 31-50, $300 CASH For 51 Or More! 2nd Place Receives 15% Off Their Tab!